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Jinan Jichai 500kw G12V190zldt-2 Natural Gas Generator

  • 500KW natural gas generator



V-12, 4-Stroke-Cycle-Engine (190 series)




AspirationT urbocharged-After cooled

Speed ControlElectronic Speed governing

Rated Speed1200rpm

Rated power550kW


Series 190 inner mixing gas engine is developed by our company to meet the requirement of market. The whole engine is optimized by amending the shortages of the first gas engine generation. The power performance, fuel economy and reliability of this gas engine are improved a lot by adopting inner mixing mode, increasing compression ratio and boost ratio, enhancing swirl rat io, realizing lean -burnt by controlling air fuel ratio, using high-energy ignition, and etc.

This engine series is mainly used in generating by single engine or several engines forming a power station. It also can be used as power of compressor, oil t ransfer pump, water in jection pump, and etc.


Engine Design

-Designed by AVL, Austria

-Intellectual Property belong to JCPC

-Longer Stroke, More displacement

-Low Speed (1200RPM), More Reliable

-Advanced World Standard Performance


- Brushless Excitation


-Better Insulation and Protection


-Low Oil Pressure Auto Stop Protection

-Over Speed Auto Stop Protection

-Exp losion Proof

-High Coolant Temperature Alarm

-Low Coolant Level Alarm

-High Oil Temperature Alarm

-Complete Electrical Protection

-Emergency Stop Device


-Strict Inspection and Factory Test for Each Gen-set

-Start Performance Test

-Load Test

-Synchronization Test

-Safety System Test

The Whole Equipment Supply

-Standard Scope of Supply

-Optional Equipment List

-Repairing Tools

-Spare Parts

-Meet the Requirement for All Accessories of Project

Easy Installation and Remove

-All Equipment on Common Skid Three -Point Support

-Simple Installation Work

-High Strength Skid, for Hoisting and Removing.

Technic al Support & Ser vices

-Free Technical Support and Training Service

-24/7 Technical Service Tel Number

-Rapid Spare Parts Supply

-After Sales Service for Generator Set Lifetime

Property Parameter Table


Engine typeG12V190ZDT1-1

Alternator type1FC series(SIEMENS technology)

Rated Power *kW500

Rated Speedrpm1200

Rated FrequencyHz50

Rated VoltageV400

Rated PF0.8

Vo ltage RegulationAVR

Cooling MethodClosed cooling



*Rating and fuel consumption based on ISO Standard conditions (Ambient temperature at 25 degree Centigrade, Atmospheric pressure at 100kPa and Relative humidity at 30%). Site rat ing and fuel consumption should amend according to relative standard (The table at right side for reference )

Main Specification of Engine

Model of engineG12V190ZDT1-1

Rated Power(kW)550kw

Rated Speed(r/ min)1200

No. and layout of cylinders12-cylinder,60°Vee

TypeFour stroke, Water cooled, Direct in jection, Air-fuel ratio control, Spark plug ignition, Out mixing,

Electrical control, Mixed after compressor, Turbocharged and aftercooled.


Specific oil consumption (g/kW.h)≤1.63


Stroke (mm)215

Total displacement (L)73.15

GovernorElectronic Governor

Exhaust temperature(before turbo)≤680℃

Starting mode24V DC electric starting motor

Direction of rotationCounter-clockwise(facing to flywheel)

Lubrication methodPressure and splash lubrication

Hot water outlet temperature<90℃

Mid-cooler inlet water temperature<45℃

Oil temperature<90℃

Stable regulating rate0~5 % adjustable

Oil brandMobil Pegasus MOBIL610

Cooling methodForced water cooling

ManufacturerCNPC Jichai Power Co., Ltd

Main Specification of Alternator

Model of alternator1FC series(siemens technology)

Rated power(kW)500


Rated voltage(V)400


Voltage regulator3 phase sensing with volts/60Hz.

Voltage regulationLess than +/-0.5% in steady stat60e and less than +/- 0.5% with 3% speed change.

Rated voltage480 V

Rated frequency60Hz

Power factorCOS¢=0.8

Efficiency93.5 %

Wiring modeThree-phase four-wire system(Y)

Excitation modeBrushless excitation

Insulation classF

Running modeContinuous

Protective classIP23

Cooling modeFans self-ventilation


Rotary inertia19kgm2


Rotating directionAnticlockwise(Facing to input end)

Generator outline directionRight(Facing to shaft stretch direction)


Natural Gas Engine Air inlet system

Air filter Air cooler Bracket

Control system Run/Auto/Stop control Governor

Mechanic instrument Control Panel

Explosion Proof

Safety protection system

Exhaust system

Exhaust gas turbocharger Exhaust manifoldElectric Starter 24 Volt

Lubricating System Main oil pump Lube oil filter Lube oil cooler

Lube oil Centrifugal filter

Cooling System

Cooling fan and Driven device Level gauge


Brushless excitation alternator AVR(digital mode)


Normal repair tools Special spare parts


Corrugated pipe Exhaust pipe Exhaust elbow Exhaust silencer

Starting System

DC starting motorTechnical document


Common skid Elastic coupling

Price(FOB Tianjin port):

Delivery date

Two months after contract valid or negotiation by both parties.

Valid period of the offer

One month


One year after delivery or accumulative 1500 hours running time, according to which one comes first.

Installation and commissioning

If customer needs our company to do the guiding installation and commissioning, our company will arrange two engineers to do the field service. All the fees including the traffic, living condition and insurance in abroad will be

provided by the customer.

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