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jinan diesel engine B6190 G6190 ship engine parts 200KW

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Diesel engineB6190ZLCZA-2R
2Diesel engineB6190ZLCA-2
3Reverse reductionHC400

1)         G6190ZLC1 diesel engine for marine use (Electrical starting, with one remote control indicator with 60m  connecting cable and 00# flywheel hood)
2)         Spare parts for G6190ZLC1 diesel engine(Standard)
3)         Spare tools for G6190ZLC1 (Standard) one for one set
4)         Spare accessories for G6190ZLC1 (Standard for electrical starting)
5)         Temperature regulating-valve and charger     
6)         Added spare parts (Price is already within the total price.)
                         i.              Fresh water pump,          Two for one set                     
                        ii.              Electrical pre-supply oil pump  One for one set  
                      iii.              Heat exchanger              Two for one set    
                      iv.              Double-floor high-pressure oil pipe with overflow alarm    One for one set (Assembled on the engine)
                       v.         Corrugated pipe         One for one set                 
7)         The engine could be emergently stopped from operation room and over speed control have already applied to the engine. 
8)         Commodity inspection, original certificate, EIAPP certificate and CCS Certificate
Total manual, spare parts book and name plates both in Chinese and English

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